Best Wedding Bun Hairstyle For Long Hair Tutorial

Hairstyle is a form of human hair. Modeling of hair can be seen as part of personal care, fashion and cosmetics, but cultural and popular considerations also affect some hair styles. The earliest known depiction of the braid dates back some 30,000 years.
A bun is the most traditional and timelessly fashionable hair updo for brides. During a wedding’s 7 to 8 hours, you’ll have to endure many conditions, like breeze, sun, humidity, sweating and above all, dozens of hugs by the guests. In all these cases, maintaining the hairstyle might not be every bride’s cup of tea. For such brides, we recommend wedding bun hairstyles.

Accent your messy bun with fresh roses to give your look a boho-chic and natural appeal. This low bun with wavy locks is best for destination or garden weddings.

Complicated mixed braid buns are perfect for long hair. To add a touch of glamour, use jeweled hair clips or bands. To have a softer look, try a spiral lock in the front.

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